Mylan Printing Media Corporation (MPM) is the sole producer of computer-to-plates (CTPs) in Vietnam.

As a subsidiary of green chemical company Mylan Group (MLG), MPM develops and produces innovative, environmentally friendly printing technology for both the domestic and international markets. With rights to breakthrough printing plate and coating patents around the globe, we are able to manufacture high quality plates at competitive prices for clients worldwide.

Our commitment to the progress of printing plate technology is demonstrated by our state-of-the-art research and development facilities and our intellectual property and know-how. MPM and MLG are pioneers in CTP plates and related materials with a focus on creating greener solutions for today's printing needs. However, our devotion to environmental protection goes beyond our pollution-minimizing manufacturing techniques and products to include our award-winning, advanced waste management system. We also seek to preserve our natural surroundings by investing in landscaping projects and instilling a sense of respect for the environment in our employees.

At MPM, our most valuable assets are our employees. Therefore, we are in constant search of bright and motivated individuals to join our dynamic team. We offer competitive salaries, health insurance, free gourmet meals, athletics, and other benefits and perks. If you are interested in joining MPM to launch or advance your career, please visit our Careers page.

MARCH 06, 2014